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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(5.2.22) Muhurat for filing Nomination Papers for Election

Filing Nomination Papers is the first stage for the candidate who is willing to contest election. The Muhurat or the auspicious time has a great importance for filing nomination papers. The following things or factors are considered for the Muhurat for filing nomination papers-
(In Shukla Paksh) Dwitiya, Tritiya,Panchami, Saptmi, Dashami,Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Purnima. 
(In Krishna Paksh)Pratipada,Dwitiya,Tritiya,Panchami,Saptmi.
Sunday, Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday
Nakshatra- Ashivini,Rohini,Mrigashira,Ardra,Punarvasu,Pushya,Uttaraphalguni,Hast,Swati,Anuradha,Uttarashadha,Shravan,Dhanishtha,Uttarabhadrapad,Revati
The Lagna should be strong.It should have the Drishti of Shubh Graha. The ninth and the tenth houses should also be strong. There should not be any Pap grah in them.
Chandra Shuddhi-
The moon should not be in the fourth,eighth or twelfth sign from the name sign of the person concerned.(see more.....)
 Hora Muhurat -
Sun Hora is considered very auspicious for filing nomination papers.Besides Sun Hora, the Hora of the lord of name sign or birth sign of the person is also fruitful..(see more......)
Abhijit Muhurat- 
If other Muhurat is not available ,Abhijit Muhurat is the best Muhurat for filing nomination papers. Abhijit Muhurat is also known as the Vijay Muhurat. The work which is started during this Muhurat, brings good and positive results. (see more .....)

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