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Saturday, April 19, 2014

(7.2.16) Rahim Ke Dohe / Dohe Of Rahim (Page- First)

Dohe of Rahim with English Translation

Rahim ke Dohe 

Short information about Rahim 
1. His full name - Abdul Rahim Khaan Khaanaa but he is popularly known as Rahim.
2. Father's name - Bairam Khaan.
3. Birth place - Lahore.
4. Year of birth - 1556.
5. He was one of the nine ministers, who were known as Navratna, in Akbar's Court.
6. He was scholar of Arbi, Turki, Hindi and Sanskrit.
7. Dohe of Rahim have simplicity, but leave a long lasting impression on the reader.
Dohe of Rahim -
1. Bigaree baat bane nahin, laakh karo kin koy.
Rahiman bigare doodh ko, mathai na maakhan hoye.
Meaning- Rahim says that if milk turns sour, you can not get butter from it whether it is churned again and again. Similarly if any thing goes wrong, it can not be got right even if you try hard.
2. Rahiman dekh baden ko, laghu na deeje daari.
Jahaan kaam aave sui, kahaan kare tarvaari.
Meaning - The poet Rahim says that when you get important or big things, you must not throw away the small things. For example,  you can not use a sword in place of a needle, although a needle is smaller than a sword.
3. Jo Rahim uttam prakriti, kaa kari sakat kusang.
Chandan vish vyaapat nahin, lipate rahat bhujang.
Meaning - Rahim says that a bad company can not have bad effect on the persons who have good and noble nature. For example the sandal wood tree does not become poisonous even if snakes wind around it.
4. Rahiman dhaagaa prem kaa, mat todo chhatakaay.
Toote se phir naa jure, jure gaanth pari jaay.
Meaning - Rahim says that we must not break the string of love. If it is broken, it can not be repaired, if you try to tie it again, there will be a knot in it.
5. Taruvar phal nahin khaat hai, sarvar piye na paan.
Kahi Rahim par kaaz hit, sampati sanchahi sujaan.
Meaning - Trees do not eat their own fruits nor do the ponds drink their own water. The poet Rahim says that noble persons use their property for the good of others.
6. Roothe sujan manaaiye, jo roothe sau baar.
Rahiman phir - phir poiye, toote muktaa haar.
Meaning - Rahim says that as we repair the necklace of pearls whenever it is broken. In the same way we must reconcile with the good or noble persons whenever they get angry with us.
7. Jo baden ko laghu kahe, nahin Rahim gtat jaahi.
Giridhar murali dhar kahe,  kachhu dukh maanat naahi.
Meaning - If we call great persons small, it will have no effect on their greatness. Lord Krishna who lifted the mount Govardhan, if we call Him Giridhar or Muralidhar, it well have no difference nor will it diminish his greatness.
8. Bade badaai naa kare, bade naa bole bol.
Rahiman heera kab kahe, laakh hamaaro mol.
Meaning - The persons who are great in the real sense, do not praise their qualities or their greatness themselves. Rahim says that a diamond which is really very valuable, but it does not say that its value is very high.
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