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Saturday, April 12, 2014

(7.3.10) Divine Power - Feel it within yourself

Feel Divine Power within yourself 

Lord Krishna says'"Arjun, I am even that which is the seed of all beings. For there is no creature, animate or inanimate, which exists without Me. ( Gita X-39)
Every individual is the form of God. God is present in human body in His subtle form. It is one's  duty to develop that subtle form because the development of that subtle form of God is the highest development of man. Man is weak if he does not feel the divine power in himself. Good thoughts occur in everyone's mind. These good thoughts are the indicator of divine power. To understand these divine thoughts is to feel the divine power within oneself and to do according to them, is going towards divinity.
The person who feels divine power in himself, uses beneficial words, does good deeds. His mind is full of pure thoughts. He is filled with the highest thoughts. Mean mentality does not even touch him. This divine power leads us to the great progress and fill us with inner strength to change or remove the untoward situations or if not, it gives us the power to bear them.
In Geeta Lord Krishna says- 
He who sees me (the universal self) present in all beings and sees all being existing in me, I am never out of sight of him nor is he ever out  of sight of me.(Gita VI- 30)
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