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Sunday, April 6, 2014

(9.2.1) Why to learn English / Importance of English

Learn English

The following are reasons why we must learn English -
(1) Today English is the most popular and important language throughout the world.It is the language of science, technology, politics and trade.
(2) English is the language which enjoys the status of an international language. The U.N.O. and such other international agencies use English while discussing the matters of international interest. Majority of the countries use English in dealing with other countries. The knowledge of English is helpful in promoting international understanding.
(3) The knowledge of English has vocational importance also. It offers opportunities for many and varied vocations, like diplomatic and foreign services, business, commerce, medicine, teaching etc. If we wants to play our role in international matters effectively,we must study English and have its intense knowledge.
(4) Good and useful books on science and technology are available in English.If we want to have first rate scientists and technicians, English must be taught and learnt.
(5) In a sense the world has shrunk. People go from one country to another for various purposes.If we want to get better opportunities and results, we must have the knowledge of English.
(6) Through English we can exchange our views with the people of other countries.
(7) English serves as a common language of Indians; and thus it brings the people closer residing in different parts of India.   

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