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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

(10.3.45) Swarn Gouri Vrat2017 / Madhushrava Teeji 2017

Madhushrava Teej 2017/ Swarn Gauri Vrat 2017/ मधुश्रवा तीज / स्वर्ण गौरी व्रत 2017

When is Swarn Gauri / Gouri / Gouwari / Gawari Vrat / Madhushrava Teej in 2017
Swarn Gouri Vrat is observed on Shravan Shukla Tritiya. It is also known as Madhushrava Teej or Jhoola Teej or Hariyali Teej
In the year 2017 Swarn Gouri Vrat is on Wednesday, 26.07.2017.
Important things about Swarn Gouri Vrat -
(1) Swarn Gauri Vrat is dedicated to goddess Gauri which is the another name for goddess Parvati.
(2) According to the north Indian Hindu Panchang this Vrat is observed on Shravan Shukla Tritiya.
(3) This Vrat is observed by unmarried girls as well as married women.
(4) It is believed that the unmarried girl who observes this Vrat, gets a good husband and the married woman who observes this Vrat leads a peaceful and happy married life.
The process or Vidhi of Swarn Gouri Vrat -
The woman who observes this Vrat should get up early in the morning and have a bath. An idol of goddess Gauri of clay is made. A sixteen knotted thread is prepared and it is placed near the idol of the goddess Gouri. The idol is properly worshiped adopting  Shodashopachaar or sixteen Upchars. Then knoted thread is tied on the wrist. A single meal is taken. This Vrat is observed for sixteen years. After sixteen years Udhyapan ceremony is performed.
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