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Monday, May 12, 2014

(11.3.1) Akbar Ke Panch Prashna (Akbar -Birbal stories)

Akbar's Five Questions

As usual one day the emperor Akbar was  in the Court. All the courtiers were present except Birbal. Meanwhile the king addressed the courtiers and asked them five questions -
1. Which flower is the best?
2. Whose milk is the best?
3. Whose sweetness is good?
4. Whose leaf is the best?
5. Who is the best king?
All the courtiers had different opinion about the answers to the first four questions. Someone was calling  one thing better, the other one was calling some other thing better. Everyone had his own logic. About the answer to the fifth question, all the courtiers had the same opinion that Akbar is the best king. But Akbar was not satisfied with any of the answers.
After some time, Birbal came to the court, greeted the emperor and took his place. Akbar repeated all the five questions and asked Birbal to  answer them. Birbal's answer were as  follows :-
1.The cotton flower is the best of all the flowers because cloth is made of it. All the persons, the rich and  the poor use the cloth to cover their bodies.
2. Mother's milk is the best. It is fully nutrient to the child.
3. Sweetness of the speech is the best because it is the sweet speech  that makes the person popular.
4.The betel leaf is the best of all the leaves. By offering it even an enemy can be made a friend.
5. Indra is the best king who sustains the whole universe by raining.
Akbar was pleased  to know the best answer to his questions.
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