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Monday, May 12, 2014

(11.3.2) Unt kee Gardan Tedhi Kyon

Why is the Camel's Neck crooked ?

Once the emperor Akbar was pleased with Birbal and promised to give him an Estate (Jagir). But even after several days Akbar did not give him the Estate. Birbal reminded Akbar of it once or twice. But Akbar did not pay any attention to what he (Birbal) said and started some other topic.
One day Akbar and Birbal were going somewhere. At that time they saw a camel there. Seeing the camel, Akber asked,"Birbal, why is the camel's neck crooked?" 
Birbal wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, so  he said," Sir, excuse me. This camel might have promised to give a Jagir to someone in his previous  life but  he might have forgotten to honour his promise. Perhaps, this is the reason of the camel's crooked neck." 
Akbar understood the intention of Birbal and fulfilled his promise by giving the Jagir to Birbal.
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