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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

(11.3.4) Badshahi Mahabharat (Akbar-Birbal Stories)

Imperial Mahabharat (Akbar - Birbal stories)

Akbar once wished that like the Mahabharata, 'Badshahi Mahabharata' should also be written, so that the forthcoming generations may know about him and his achievements.
So Akbar revealed his wish to Birbal and handed over him the task of writing the Badshahi Mahabharat. Birbal asked for (demanded) some money and  a period of six months for completing the task. Akbar accepted Birbal's request. Birbal took money from the royal treasury and spent it on the religious activities and donations. Five months later, Birbal went to Akbar with a bundle of blank papers and said,"Sir, Badshahi Mahabharat is almost ready(completed), but there is also a female character in it. So I will have  to ask some things to Begum Sahiba."
After getting the emperor's permission, Birbal went to the Begum Sahiba and said,"Badshah has asked me to write the Badshahi Mahabharat. It is almost ready. I have brought it with me, but there are some things which I can write with your permission only."
"The Begum asked,"What do you want to know ?"
Birbal said,"As you know, Droupadi was the heroine of  the Mahabharata and she had five husbands. You are the heroine of this Badshahi Mahabharat, so tell me who are the other four husbands of yours besides the Badshah Akbar?"  "And the second thing is that in the Mahabharata, Dusshashan, in full court, ripped the sari of Draupadi and the Pandavas (her five husbands) had to bear the humiliation. In same way, tell me the name of  the person who had done such type of wrong thing to you."
Hearing it, Begum Sahiba lost her temper. She took the bundle of papers form the hands of Birbal and ordered the maidens to burn it. The maidens followed the order of Begum Sabhiba.
Birbal went to Akbar empty handed and told him the whole incident. Akbar felt ashamed and gave up the intention of getting the Badashahi Mahabharat written.

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