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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

(11.3.5) Kounsi Ritu Achhi Hoti Hai (Akbar-Birbal stories)

Which season is the best ?

Emperor Akbar asked  his courtiers,"It is very cold in  winter, it is very hot in summer  and in rainy season there is water and water all around. Then which of the seasons should be called the best  one?". 
According their liking  some of courtiers called the winter the best, some others called the summer the best and some others called the rainy season the best.
At last Birbal said," Sir, in my opinion the best season for someone is that, in which he/she gets enough food to eat".
"What does that mean?" asked the emperor.
Birbal said,"It means that if the person gets a hearty meal, every season is good for her/him but if the person is hungry ( does not have enough food to eat), no season is good for him/her." 
Akbar was  satisfied with the answer and praised Birbal for his wit.
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