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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

(11.3.6) Hatheli Par Baal Kyon Nahin (Akbar-Birbal Stories)

Why is there no Hair on the Palm (Akbar - Birbal Stories)

One day Emperor Akbar thought of a joke and said to Birbal,"Why is there no hair on my palm?" 
Birbal answered,"Sir, you always give some thing or the other in charity (donate some thing or the other ) to the poor and the needy with your hands, that's why, hair does not last (remain or stay) on your palm." 
Then Akbar asked another question,"Okay, but why is there no hair on your palm ( but why do your palms have no hair)?" 
Birbal replied," Sir, these hands of mine get charity throughout the year  from you, so there is no hair on my palm." 
"Well, we assume it so, but why do all the courtiers have no hair on their palms?" Akbar asked. 
Birbal replied,"Sir, it is simple to understand - You give me charity and I take it but these poor courtiers get nothing, they only rub their hands. So there is no hair on their palms." 
Hearing the wise and clever answer, Akbar was very much pleased with Birbal and praised him for his wit.
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