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Thursday, May 15, 2014

(11.3.8) Tinke Kaa Sahara (Akbar- Birbal Stories)

Birbal and a piece of straw (Akbar -Birbal Story)

One day the emperor Akbar, with his Security guards and courtiers, was boating in the river. When the boat reached in the middle of the river, Akbar thought of a joke. Showing a straw, he said,"Whoever of you will cross the river with the help of this straw, I will make him the Badshah of Delhi for one day." The courtiers looked at each other's faces. Then Birbal said," I can do this, but after becoming emperor."
Emperor Akbar said,"Well, for today, I declare you the emperor. The regime, the palace and the bodyguards etc. are yours for today. Assume this piece of straw as a royal scepter. Now cross the river with the help of the straw." Saying so Akbar gave the straw to Birbal.  Birbal took the straw in his hand but before jumping, he said to the security guards,"At this moment I am the emperor. You have to fulfill your duty to the emperor."
When Birbal began to jump into the river, the security guards stopped him from doing so and said,"You are our emperor. It is our duty to save you." 
Birbal asked them not to stop him from jumping into the river but they did not act upon his advice. Meanwhile, the boat reached the bank of the river.
Then the king said," Birbal, You're lost." 
"No,I have not lost, your majesty," Birbal said," I have crossed the river only with the help of the piece of straw. If the piece of straw were not with me, why would the bodyguards stop me from jumping into the river. And I would have certainly drowned in the river."
Akbar praised Birbal's cleverness and said,'You have really won, Birbal."
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