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Saturday, May 17, 2014

(4.5.1) Main Events of Mahabharat

The great battle fought on the plains of Kurukshetra had been the witness of many memorable events of mythological history. Here under is given a brief narration of some important incidents -
Ganesh and Mahabharat
The great sage Ved Vyas prayed to Lord Ganesh and requested him to write the Mahabharat as he dictated. Lord Ganesh agreed to write it but He put a condition before him. He said that He would write it without stopping. The sage was in a fix. He thought for a while and then said to Lord Ganesh,"I  agree to it that I'll not stop dictating till the epic is completed on the condition that you will have to understand every verse before you write it down." Lord Ganesh agreed to it. Thus the epic was written.    
King Shantanu and Ganga
In the Dwapur Yug Shantanu, a great king ruled over Bharatvarsh. He married Ganga. Before their marriage Ganga put a condition before Shantanu, " I can marry you on the condition that after our marriage I will have the freedom to do whatever I like . If you object my actions at any time and under any circumstances, I will part with you." Shantanu agreed to it and they married.
In the due time they had a son. But Ganga took the child and threw him into the Ganga. She continued doing so till she had the seventh child. Till then Shantanu had lost his patience so the next time he asked her not to do so. At this Ganga said,"As you have broken the agreement,I shall part with you." Saying so she disappeared.
Draupadi got a Divine Vessel from Sun-god
Defeated in the game of dice, Yudhishthira along with his brothers and Draupadi went to live in the forest. While they were living in the forest, a number of good and holy persons came to meet them. Draupadi gave food to the persons who came to them in the forest everyday. Draupadi prayed to the Sun-god to help her feed her guests. Pleased with her prayer, the Sun-god gave her a divine vessel known as Akshayapaatra which would supply to her as much food as she needed everyday to feed the guests,the Pandavas and herself.
Arjun Got Divine Weapons
Arjun went to the Himalayas and did penance to obtain the grace of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with him and asked him to ask for a boon. 
At this Arjun said," Lord, grant me a new weapon to win our just cause."Lord Shva handed over the weapon and said,"I bestow on you, Arjun, the divine Pasupata weapon. Use  it only for a just cause, otherwise it will lose its divine power."
The year of disguise  
The Pandavas were sent by their cousins, the Kauravas, into the exile. They were to pass twelve years in the forest and the thirteenth year in the disguise. If found out, they were to go to the forest for another period of twelve years. When the twelve years of exile were over, the Pandavas spent the thirteenth year in Viratnagar, the capital of Virat, the king of the Matsyas. They disguised themselves so that no one should recognize them.
The sacred sermons by Lord Krishna
This is the most prominent part of the great battle.When Arjun was dejected and demoralized, Lord Krishna tried to rise him to action by delivering His great sermon which is known as Srimad Bhagwatgita. Whatever doubts Arjun had, Lord Krishna removed them. Krishna's main emphasis was on Action. He said, "Let the Act's motive be in the Act itself. Fight for justice, fight for truth, fight to kill evil for the sake of humanity."
After a long discourse lord Krishna revealed Himself in His Vishvaroop to Arjun. He asked Arjun to fix his heart and mind in Him. Think of Him and have faith in Him. Lord Krishna further said that He was present in all the creatures . There was none dear to Him and none hateful. Then only Arjun's conscience became clear and he was ready to fight without doubt, question and fear.
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