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Friday, May 30, 2014

(9.1.4) Article 370 / Dhara 370 (Constitution of India)

What is Article 370 / Dhaaraa 370 kya hai

Article 370 grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir. The laws under this article alone govern the state, except for those which are related to defence, foreign affairs and communications. The article 370 cannot be repealed without the approval of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly. 
How and when can Article 370 cease to be operative    
370 (3) Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing provisions of this article, the President may, by public notification, declare that this article shall cease to be operative or shall be operative only with such exceptions and modifications and from such date as he may specify:
Provided that the recommendation  of the Constituent Assembly of the state referred to in clause (2) shall be necessary before the President issues such a notification.

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