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Monday, June 30, 2014

(13.2.10) Good and bad omens (shakun) at the time of journey/Travelling

Auspicious omens and inauspicious omens / Good or bad omens

Yatra Ke Samay Shubh Shakun / Ashubh Shakun 

A belief -
It is believed that the following things and omens are the  indicators of the successful or unsuccessful journey.In other words they show whether the undertaken journey will be successful or not -
(1) The auspicious or in auspicious words or phrases at time of departure -
The journey will be successful if the following words are heard - "go", 'achieve your goal', 'you will get success', 'good luck', 'success is yours', 'good luck is with you', 'don't worry', 'don't get late now', 'it is better to start now' etc.
There is the possibility of unsuccessful journey if the following words or phrases are heard at the time departure -
'stop', 'do not go', 'what is the use of going,' 'where do you go',etc.
(2) Good omens at the time of departure -
If the sweet voice of singing or happiness giving words or sweet sound of any musical instrument is heard, it is the auspicious omen.
It is also the auspicious omen if the person meets or sees 'a ripe fruit', 'a beautiful bird or an animal', 'a cow with its calf', 'a (suhaagan) woman taking her child in her lap', 'a mongoose', 'Neelkhanth bird', 'peacock', 'rabbit', 'deer' etc.
(3) Bad or inauspicios omens at the time of departure -
It is a bad omen if the person ( the traveller) hears or sees the dry fuel for burning or a naked man or a person with dishevelled hair or a house on fire or quarrelling cats or a quarrel in the family or quarrelling buffaloes or the person with wet clothes or the sound of someone's weeping or braying of the ass.
(4) The Parihaar or the cancellation of the inauspicious omens -
At the time of the departure if the inauspicious omen occurs the first time, start the journey after taking the breath eleven times. If the bad omen occurs the second time, start the journey after taking the breath sixteen times. If the bad omen occurs the third time, it is better not to travel during that Muhurat.
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