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Monday, June 30, 2014

(13.2.9) Tips for successful and safe travelling / journey

Remedial measures for fruitful travel ( Yatra Siddhi Ke Liye Upay )

The following are the astrological tips for undertaking a travel for an important and specific purpose -

(12.2.9/ 30.6.14) Tips for a safe journey
The following are the tips for a safe. happy and successful journey -
1. Subh Smaran and Abhivaadan ( Auspicious recalling and greetings) 
(A) At the time of starting the journey , the person should meditate on Lord Ganesh, Kul Devataa and Ishth Devataa etc. The person should recall/ recollect/ remember the names of Shri Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram etc. He should greet to his elders, Brahmins etc.
(B) At the time of starting the journey, the person should recite the following Doha (couplet) composed by Tulsi das -
 "Ram Lakhan Kousika sahita, sumirahu karahu Payaan.
  Lachchhi (लच्छि) Laabh le Jagata Jasu mangal sagun pramaan"
2. Journey and the Swar -
At the time of journey, if the person's left swar is running then he should take his left step first. If his right swar is running, then he should take his right step first. If his middle swar is running, it is better to postpone the journey for some time.
3. Happiness of mind- 
At the time of the journey the person must have joyful  feelings in his mind. It increases the possibility of success.
4. Time of the Journey -
A. Starting the journey in the Brahma Muhurat or at dawn is considered to be auspicious.
B. According to the sage Brihaspati, the journey should be begun by listening to or seeing good omens.
C. According to the sage Angira the best time for journey is when you feel like going or when you have a strong desire to go on a journey.
D. According to Janardan the journey should be started by getting the blessings of a holy Brahmin.
E. If there is no Panchang shuddhi or auspicious Muhurat for the journey, one should start the journey in the Abhijit Muhurat which is also known as vijay muhurat, but for the journey to the south Abhijit Muhurat should always be avoided.
F. If there is no Panchag Shuddhi and the journey is necessary, then start it during the shubh, labh and Amrit chaughadia.
G. Vijay Dashmi is the best day for any kind of journey.
H. Sadhe Teen Muhurat i.e. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, Vijaya Dashami and Kartik Shukla Pratipada can be chosen for starting the journey.
('' wishes you a happy, successful and safe journey !) 
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