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Friday, June 20, 2014

(14.3.8) Om / Aum (Importance of Om in Hinduism)

Om / Aum, a sacred symbol (Why is Om/Aum Important)

(1) In the Hinduism Om is the seed of alphabets / words / syllables. Om/Aum  has been given a great importance and is considered most sacred symbol.
(2) The pronunciation of 'Om'  is considered to be pious. So many Hindu mantras begin with 'Om' and end with 'Om'.
(3) 'Om' is the seed of alphabets and words. All the words emerge from it and then all of them get merged into it.
(4) Om is the divine sound.
(5) Om is the supreme source of all kinds of energies.
(6) The Upnishadas say that everything can be grasped by uttering 'Om' and that everything in this world has emerged out of 'Om' and everything will merge back into 'Om'.
(7) Om/Aum is the part and parcel of the Hindu culture. The Pujaris in the temples begin the worshipping with the pronunciation of Om.The spiritual lessons and the vedic prayers also begin with Om 
(8) Om/Aum represents the three main gods of the Hindus i.e. Bhramha,the creator of universe,Vishnu,who is known as operator of universe, and Mahesh (Lord Shiva) who is known as destroyer of universe.
(9) For meditation 'Om' is considered to be the supreme symbol. When a person meditates on the supreme symbol 'Om', all mystries of the universe are revealed to him.
(10) In the Bhagwat Geeta it is said that the person who departs from this world and leaves his body uttering the symbol 'Om', reaches the supreme goal.
(11) Bhawat Geeta, Chapter 8,shloka 12 and 13-
Having closed all the doors of the senses , and firmly holding the mind in the cavity of the heart , and then fixing the life- breath in the head, and thus remaining steadfast in Yogic concentration on God, he who leaves the body and departs uttering the indestructible Bhramha,OM, and dwelling on Me and My absolute aspect reaches the supreme goal.
(12) Bhagwat Geeta, in the chapter 10,sholka 25, Lord Krishna says-
Among the great seers, I am Bhrgu ; among words , I am the sacred syllable Om. Among offerings, I am the offering of Japa ;and among the immovables , the Himalaya.
(13) Bhagwat Geeta Chapter - 17, Shlok 23,24 -
It is said that  sacrifice , charity,and austerity begin with the utterance of divine name Om -
OM,TAT,and SAT- this has been declared as the threefold appellation of the Absolute, who is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss solidified. By that were the Brahmans and the Vedas as well as sacrifices were created at the cosmic dawn.
Therefore, acts of sacrifice,charity and austerity as enjoined by sacred precepts are always commends by noble souls given to the recitation of Vedic chants with utterance of the divine name Om.

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