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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

(14.3.9) Smarta/ Smartha and Vaishanva Sampradaay

Smarta/ Smartha and Vaishnava Sampradaay

There are some Hindu festivals and vrats which are celebrated and observed in accordance with the tradition of different religious Sampradaays. Two of these Sampradaayas i.e. Smart/ Smarth and Vaishnava Sampradayas are important Sampradays.
The followers of these two sampradaays follow the decisive factors while observing the vrat and celebrating the festivals. For this reason, the EkadaashiJahmashtamiMaha Shivratri etc. are sometimes observed on two different days i.e. the smarts  observe them on the first day whereas the vaishnavas observe them on the second day.
According to the Scripture Dharm sindhu, smarts observe the vrat in Poorva Viddha (पूर्व विद्धा ) tithi and the vaishnavas observe the vrat in the Parvarti (परवर्ती ) tithi. So it creates a confusion among the people and the question arises who are the Smarts and who are vaishnavas.
Who are the Smart/ smarth ?
The people who follow the Vedas and Shastra are called Smarths. They are the followers and propagators of Smiritis or religious text derived from Vedic scriptures. They also worship Panchdevas. They should all follow the smarth traditions and observe vrat in accordance with them.
Who are the Vaishnavas ?
The religious people who have taken Diksha from any established Vaishnava Guru, wear the Kanthi (Given by the Guru) around their neck, apply Tilak of Chandan or  Gopi chandan etc. as the symbol of Tripund on their forehead and throat, are known as the Vaishnavas. They should observe the Vaishnava Vrat.

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