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Thursday, July 3, 2014

(10.2.2) Goga Navami / Gogamedi Fair 2016

Gogamed Mela / Gogamedi Fair / Goga Navami / Who is Gogaji / Fair at Gogamedi 

When is Goga Navami / When is Gogamedi Fair
Bhadrapad Krishna Navami is known as Goga Navami..
In the year 2016 Goga Navami is on Friday, 26.08.2016.
Importance of GogaNavami 
Goga Navami is dedicated to folk god Goga ji. It is believed that worshipping of Goga ji protects the person against snake biting. It also reduces the deadly effect of the snake poison if the person is bitten by a snake.
Who was Goga Ji 
Goga ji was born in Chouhan Rajput dynasty. His father was Sanwar and his mother was Bachhal. He was born at Dadreva village in Churu district in Rajasthan. He was the pupil of Guru Gorakhnath. His Samadhi is at Gogamedi in Hanumangarh distrist in Rajasthan.
Gogaji, the god of snakes, is also known as Gogaji Chouhan, Gugga, Johar Peer etc. In the temple of Gogaji at Gogamedi, there are Hindu Pujari as well as Muslim Pujari. The Muslim Pujari worships
Gogaji for eleventh and the Hindu Pujari worships for one month in a year. This practice is an example of communal harmony.
Fair at Gogamedi - 
A fair is held in the honour of Gogaji at the village of Gogamedi in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. This fair is held on Bhadrapad Krishna Navami every year. This fair is dedicated to folk god Gogaji. People of all castes and religion from Haryana,Punjab. Madhya Pradesh, Gujraat and Uttar Pradesh come to visit this place to worship and pay their honor to Gogaji,the god of snakes.

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