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Saturday, July 12, 2014

(10.3.51) Indira Ekadashi / Indira Ekadashi Vrat 2016

When is Indira Ekadashi 
Aashvin Krishna  Ekadashi is known as Indira Ekadashi.
Indira Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi :-
(1) The person who wants to observe Indira Ekadashi fast should get up early in the morning on Dashami Tithi, a day before Ekadashi. He should take a bath and perform his daily routine. He should have a single meal on Dashami Tithi.
(2) On Ekadashi, no meal is taken. (But if the health does not permit, one should take some fruits and milk.) In the night the Vrati should hear the religious discourses or read religious books.
(3) On Dwadashi Tithi, the Vrati should break the Vrat after feeding the Brahmins and giving them some Dan.
Importance of Indira Ekadashi Vrat:- 
Observing the fast on Indira Ekadashi washes away the sins of the Vrati. He comes out of the troubles as a result of this Vrat. Because of this Vrat the dead ancestors of the Vrati also get salvation.
Indira Ekadashi Vrat story - 
King Indarsen was the king of Mahishmatipuri. He ruled his kingdom righteously. He was the devotee of Lord Vishnu. One day while he was sitting in his court, the sage Narad came there.The king Indarsen got up from his seat and received the divine sage Narad with due respect.He worshiped him and gave him a proper seat to sit on. Then the king asked the sage the reason of his coming there. Narad Rishi said,"One day I went to the abode of Yam, the god of death. I saw your father there.He gave me a message for you". His message was ," O, dear son, as a result of the fault in observing the Ekadashi Vrat, I am in the Yamlok. So observe the Indira Ekadashi Vrat and offer its virtue to me so that I may go to heaven."
The sage Narad advised the king to observe the Vrat on Indra Ekadashi to fulfill his father's desire.The king acted upon the Rishi's advice and observed the Vrat on Indira Ekadashi and offered its fruit to his father. As a result of observing this fast, Indrasen's father mounted on Garud, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, and went to Lord Vishnu's abode.
'' wishes you and your family a very happy Indira Ekadashi.
"May this Indira Ekadashi fulfill your wishes and bring you joy, peace and prosperity!"
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