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Thursday, July 3, 2014

(10.3.53) Ub Chhat Vrat and Festival 2016 / Oob Chhat 2016

Ub Chhat Vrat and Festival / Oob Chhat Vrat and Festival 2016 ऊब छट 

When is Ub Chhat ? When is Oob Chhat
Bhadrapad Krishna Shashthi is known as Ub Chhat or Oob chhat .
In the year 2016 Ub Chhat is on Tuesday, 23.08.2016.
Important things about Ub Chhat/ Oob Chhat  - 
(1) In Rajasthan this festival is observed with joy and faith. 
(2) The Vrat on Ub Chhat is observed by married  women as well as unmarried girls.
(3) Married women observe this Vrat for the longevity of their husbands and the unmarried girls observe this Vrat to get a good husband.
(4) They take a bath in the evening and after bath the keep on standing till the moon rises.
(5) When the moon rises , they offer Arghya to the moon  and then they break fast.

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