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Friday, July 4, 2014

(10.3.54) Kushotpatani Amavasya 2016

Kushotpatani Amavasya / Kush Grahani Amavasya /Saatiyan Kee Amavasya 

When is Kushotpatani Amavasya 
Bhadrapad Krishna Amavasya is known as Kushotpatani Amavasya. The other names for this Amavasya are Kush Grahani Amavasya and Saatiyan Kee Amavasya.
In the tear 2016 Kushopatni Amavasya is on Thursday, 01.09.2016.
Importance of Kushotpatni Amavasya -
On this Amavasya the Purohits or the Brahmans or Pujaris collect the Kusha grass for the rites and rituals for the whole year. Kusha Grass is considered holy grass and it is believed that it has the power to purify the things which are used in religious activities of the Hindus.This grass is found at the banks the rivers or ponds or valleys. They go to the place where it is found an uproot it with their right hand. While uprooting the Kusha Grass they keep their face towards north or east and chant the following Mantra -
"Viranchinaa Sahotpanna Parmeshthinnisargaj. Nud Sarvaani Paapaani Darabh Swastikaro Bhava Hum Fat."
" विरञ्चिना सहोत्पन्न परमेष्ठिन्निसर्गज। नुद सर्वाणि पापानि दर्भ स्वस्तिकरो भव।। हुँ फ़ट।" 
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