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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

(10.3.57) Jaya Parvati Vrat 2017

Jayaa or Jaya Parvati Vrat (Gauri Vrat)  - A Vrat for happiness and good married life 

When is Jaya Parvati Vrat in 2017
In the year 2017 Jaya Parvati Vrat begins  on Friday, 07 July, 2017.
Important things about Jaya Parvati Vrat -
1. Jaya Parvati Vrat is a five day Vrat which is usually observed for the consequent five or seven years.
2. This Vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati.
3. This Vrat is observed by unmarried girls and married women in some parts of western  India and particularly in Gujrat . During this Vrat, they worship Lord Shiva and Parvati. 
4. Jaya Parvati Vrat is observed with the belief that this Vrat brings happiness in the married life. 
5. On the last day of the Vrat the Vrati women remain awake the whole night and sing songs or tell and listen stories which are in the praise of the divine couple Shiva and Parvati. 
6. On the sixth day the Vrat is broken which is known as Paaranaa.
"May this Jaya Parvati Vrat bless you and all other Vartis !"

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