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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(10.4.5) Hal Shashti / Balram Jayanti / Halshashti Pooja/Vrat 2016

When is Halshasti / Balram Jayanti / Har Chhat हर छट 
Bhadrapad Krishna Shashtami is known as Halshashti or Baldev Jayanti. At some places this  Shashti is also known as Lalai Chhat. This Chhat is also known as Har Chhat.
In the year 2016 Halshashti is on Tuesday,23.08 2016.
Important things about Halshashti -
(1) The festival of Hakshashti is celebrated as the birthday of Balramji, the elder brother of Lord shri Krishna.
(2) The women who have son(s), observe the Vrat on Halshasti for the good health of their son(s).
(3) The women who observe Vrat on Halshashti do not use the milk of cows that day.
(4) The Vrati women consume the milk of buffalo that day.
The Process of the Vrat and the puja -
After taking a bath , women who observe this Vrat , wear clean clothes and arrange for some cow dung. Then they paste the floor with the cow dung and dig a pit. In this pit they erect the twigs of Jharberi and Palash which is known as HarChhat which is the symble of plough , the weapon of Balram. Then they worship this Harchhat. After the worship they tell and listen to the stories associated with this Vrat.

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