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Saturday, July 5, 2014

(14.3.10) Kusha Grass

Kusha - Sacred Grass ( A kind of grass)

What is Kusha 
Kusha is a kind of grass which is considered sacred and purifying in Hinduism. It is found near the banks of the rivers, ponds,valleys etc.The Pandits or Purohits or Hindu priests collect it on the Amavasya of Bhadrapad month and use it for the different rites and rituals.
Importance or uses of Kusha grass -
* Kusha, the sacred grass, has the power to purify the things which are used in religious activities.
* As Kusha is the purifying grass so the Brahmans and the Hindu priests keep it in their houses so that they may use it while performing rituals.
* During the solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, Kusha grass is put on the eatables with the belief that it keeps away the harmful effects of the eclipse, if any and keep the eatables safe from any kind of contamination.  
* While chanting any Mantra or performing any religious activities, people sit on the mat made of Kusha grass.
* Before starting any religious activity, people wear the ring made of Kusha grass on their right ring finger.
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