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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(10.3.58) Dasha Mata Vrat in Gujrat 2017

 (For Dasha Mata Vrat and rituals in Rajasthan , click here)
When is Dasha Mata Vrat in Gujrat in 2017
In  Gujrat Dasha Mata Vrat begins on Shravn Shukla Pratipada and ends on Shravan Shukla Dashami Tithi.
In the year 2017 Dasha Mata Vrat begins on  24.07.2017 and ends on 02.08.2017.
Important things about Dasha Mata Vrat -
> This Vrat is popular in Gujrat.
> This Vrat is dedicated to goddesses Dasha Mata who is believed to be the incarnation of goddess Parvati.
> The women folk observe this Vrat for ten days in honour of Dasha Mata , which begins from Shravan Shukla Pratpada and ends on Shravan Shukla Dashami. They eat food once a day. Each day the story of dasha Mata Vrat is told and heard.
> It is believed that this Vrat of Dasha Mata brings prosperity and happiness in the family.
> A small image of Dasha Mata, made of clay, is worshiped for ten days and then on the tenth day this image is immersed.
"May Dasha Mata Bless you !"
Note - Click here for Dasha Mata Vrat in Rajasthan

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