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Thursday, October 9, 2014

(10.1.25) Gyan Panchami (Festival) 2016

Gyan Panchmi (Festival)

When is Gyan Panchmi ?
In the year 2016, Gyan Panchmi is on Saturday, 05.11.2016.

Important things about Gyan Panchami -
1. Kartik Shukla Pnachmai is known as Gyan Panchami.
2. Gyan Panchami is an important festival of the Jain Community. They celebrate Gyan Panchami to get more wisdom and true knowledge. It is only the knowledge which makes the person different from the others. Many people of Jain Community observe fast on this Panchami.
3. On this day the students and the scholars pray to get the knowledge. They also honour the books related to knowledge and religion.
4. Gyan is the third eye, through which one can judge the difference between right and wrong and true and false. So this is the day to pray and to do worship to get the right knowledge which can lead one from darkness to light.
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