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Thursday, October 9, 2014

(10.1.26) Pandava Panchami (Festival) 2016

Pandava Panchami (Festival)

When is Pandava Panchami in 2016 ?
In the year 2016 Pandava Panchami is on Saturday, 05.11.2016.
Important things about Pandava Panchami.
1. Kartik shukla Panchami is known as Pandava Panchami.
2. Pandava Panchami is related to the event of exile of Pandavas after Yudhishthir's defeat in the game of dice.
According to the strict terms and conditions of the dice game, the loser had to live 12 years in exile and in the thirteenth year he had to live in disguise.
At the fixed time the game was played and Yudhishthir lost it. Yudhishthir, with his four brothers and Draupadi, went to forest. In the thirteen year of disguise, the Pandava got employment in the palace of king Virat. Thus Pandavas completed twelve years in the forest and one year that was the thirteenth year, in disguise.
3. On Kartik shukla Panchami the Pandavas completed their thirteen years successfully that's why this Panchami is known as Pandava Panchami.
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