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Monday, October 20, 2014

(10.1.29) Amla Navami 2016

Amla Navami

When is Amla Navami in 2016 ?
In the year 2016 Amla Navami  is on Wednesday, 09.11.2016

Important things about Amla Navami :-
1. Kartik shukla Navami is known as the Amla Navami. The other names for this Navami are Aksaya Navami, Khusmaand Navami and Dhatri Navami.
2. Amla Navami has a very significant place in the Hinduism. It is considered a sacred Tithi. Giving donations and doing religious activities is said to very auspicious and favourable result oriented.
3. Amla Puja- On Kartik Shukla Navami, the people should take bath early in the morning and do shodashopachar or Panchopachar Puja of Amla tree. While worshiping they should face east. They should offer milk to the Amla tree, light a Ghee Deepak near the tree, perform Aarti and then go 108 times around the tree.

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