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Friday, October 17, 2014

(13.2.11) Saat Sukh / What are the Seven Pleasures

What are the Seven worldly Pleasures ?

This world is full of pains and pleasures. These two things are not under  the  control of any person. Then who controls them ? The answer to this question is not easy to find because these things depend upon many factors. But it is a fact that these two i.e. pains and pleasures play a vital role in making one's life pleasant and unpleasant.
Here under is the list of the seven pleasures which make our life worth living -
1. Healthy body - The first and foremost pleasure is having good health. Good health includes physical as well as mental health. If a person is physically and mentally healthy, only then he / she can enjoy other things of the world.
2. Prosperity - The second pleasure is having wealth and prosperity.
3. A virtuous wife - The third pleasure is having a good and a virtuous wife. A virtuous wife turns a house into a home.
4. An obedient son - The fourth pleasure is having an obedient son.
5. A good home - The fifth pleasure is having a good home to live in.
6. Good neighbours - The sixth pleasure is having  good neighbours.
7. Good friends - The seventh pleasure is having good and sincere friends.
Otherwise there is a long list of griefs to face.
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