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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

(13.4.1) Lakshmi Puja Samagri / Diwali Pujan items

The list of the  items or Samagri or material is given below -
- One Thali for putting Puja items
- A Paataa made of wood for putting the picture of goddess Lakshmi.
- A Lotha full of water
- A kalash made of clay
- Two coconuts
- Five Supari
- Two garlands
- A few flowers
- Gur (molasses)
- Prasad (in the form of sweet)
- Fruit
- Rice
- Moong
- Two Deepak (earthen lamp)
- Kumkum
- Mauli
- Ornaments
- Change (a few coins)
- Lavang
- Ilaaichee
- Ghee
and the most required things are worshiper's faith, devotion and  reverence to goddess Lakshmi.
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