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Monday, October 13, 2014

(7.2.22) Tulsidas Ke Dohe / Dohe of Tulsidas

Tulsidas was a great saint, poet, philosopher and reformer.He wrote the great epic Ramcharitmanas which was originally composed by the great poet Valmiki by the name of Ramayan so Tulsidas is believed to be the incarnation of Valmiki.Besides Ramcharitmanas Tulsidas also wrote Dohavali, Gitavali, Vinay Patrika, Hanmanchalisa etc. Here under are some of his Dohe, Chhand, Chaupai etc.-
 (1) Udaaseen ari meet hit sunat jarahin khal reeti.
(Baalkaand- Dohaa -4)
Meaning in English - The wicked burn with jealousy as they hear of others' welfare, be they his friends, foes or neutrals.
(2) Bhalo bhalaaihee pai lahai(लहइ)  nichaaihi neechu.
Sudhaa saraahia (सराहिअ) amaratan garal sareehia meechu.
(Baalkaand - Dohaa -5)
Meaning in English - Of course, a good man has a bias for goodness alone, while a vile person is prone to vilenerss. While nectar is praised for immortalizing virtue, poison is extolled for its deadly effects.
(3) Ripu tejasee akel api laghu kari gania (गनिअ) na  taahu . 
Ajahun det dukh rabi sasihi sir avaseshit raahu.
Meaningin English - A spirited foe, even though left alone, should not be lightly regarded. The demon Rahu, who has nothing left  of him but his head, is able to torment both the sun and moon even to this day.
7.2.22/13.10.14 Dohe of Tulsi das / Tulsi das ke dohe
4 . Sachiva, baid, gur teen juan, priya bolahin bhaya aash.
Raajdharm tan teeni kar, hoi begiheen naas.
(sundarkand, Doha-37)
Meaning - When a minister, a physician and a religious preceptor - these three use pleasing words from fear or hope of reward, the result is that dominion, health and faith all the three forthwith go to the dogs.
5. Kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, sab naath narak ke panth.
Sab parihari raghubeerahi bhajahu bhajahin jehi sant.
(Sundarkand, Doha- 38)
Meaning - Lust, Anger, Vanity and Covetousness are all paths leading to hell. Abjuring all these adore the hero of Raghu's line, whom saints worship.
6. Preeti, Birodh, Samaan san, Karia (करिअ ) Neeti asi aahi.
Jaun mrigapati badh medukanhi bhal ki kahai (कहइ ) kou (कोउ) taahi.
(Lankakand, Doha-23)
Meaning - Make friends or enter into the hostilities only with your equals, this is a sound maxim to follow. If a lion were to kill frogs, will any one speak well of him?
7. Phal bhaaran nami bitap sab rahe bhoomi niaraai (निअराइ).
Par upkaaree purush jimi navahin susanpati paai(पाइ ).
(Arayankaand ,Doha-40)
Meaning - Weighed down with the load of their fruits, all the fruit trees well - nigh touched the ground, even as benevolent souls grow all the more humble on getting a large fortune.
8. Kaam, Krodh, Lobhaadi mad (मद ) prabal moh kai dhaari.
Tinha, mahan ati daarun dukhad maayaroopi naari.
(Arayankaand - Doha-43)
Meaning - Lust, anger, greed, pride etc. Constitute the most powerful army of ignorance. But among them all the fiercest and the most troublesome is that incarnation of maayaa ( the Lord's deluding potency ) called woman.
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