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Monday, October 27, 2014

(7.2.23) Vrind Ke Dohe / Dohe of Vrind (Page- Third)

Vrind ke Dohe / Kavi Vrind Ke Dohe 

(For other Dohes with Hindi Translation in Dev nagari script click here)
The poet Vrind is famous for his Dohes in Hindi literature  like other popular poets. His Dohes are full of the practical knowledge and experience of life.They are very popular among the persons who have literary taste.
His Dohes teach us practical knowledge and experience of life.They are educative and have proved very useful to readers. The language of Vrind is easy to comprehend but it has deep meaning which has indelible impression on the mind of the reader.
Besides already published, the following are some more Dohes composed by the Poet Vrind which we hope will be enjoyed by the visitors to this site.  
(1) Karai Buraai sukh Chahai, Kaise paavai koi.
Ropai birakhaa aak ko, Aam kahan te hoi.
Meaning in English - If some one grows a plant of Aak (आक) (a kind of a plant or a shrub), how can he hope to get mangoes from it? In the same way if some one commits bad deeds, how can he hope to get good results. In short, 'as you sow, so shall you reap.'
(2) Kaaraj dheere hot hai, Kaahe hot adheer.
Samay paay taruvar pharai, kaitik seenchou neer.
Meaning in English - The piece of work is accomplished in a due period by adopting a proper process so we must not be impatient to see the result of anything before due time. The trees do not bear fruits even if they are given too much water i. e. they (the trees) bear fruit only at the proper time.
(3) Kaise nibahai nibal jan, Kari sabalan soun  gair.
Jaise bas saagar vichai, Karat Magar soun bair.
Meaning in English - No animal can live happily in a sea if it has enmity with a crocodile. In the same way a weak person must not have the enmity with a strong person. It is not in his interest. It may cause him harm.
(4) Vidhyaa dhan udhyam binaa, Kaho ju paavai kaun.
Binaa dulaaye naa milai, jyon pankhaa kee paun.
Meaning in English - One cannot get air without moving a fan. In the same way one cannot get the wealth of knowledge (learning) without hard work.
(5) Hiye dusht ke badan tai, Madhur na nikasai baat.
Jaise karavee bel ke, Ko meetho phal khaat.
Meaning in English - A bitter fruit bearing creeper cannot bear (produce) sweet fruit.( We cannot hope to get sweet fruit from the creeper which bears bitter fruit.) In the same way the wicked person cannot speak sweet words. (We cannot hope to listen to sweet words from the mouth of a wicked person.)
(6) Ati saral na hoojiye, Dekho jyoun ban jaay.
Seedhe - seedhe chhediye, Baanko taru bach jaay.
Meaning in English - One must not be too simple, it may cause one harm. In the forest only the straight trees are cut down and crooked trees i.e. the trees which are not straight are not cut down. They ramain safe.
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