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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(10.1.31) Tripuri Purnima / Kartik Purnima 2016

When is Tripuri Purnima / Tripuri Poornima/ Tripura Utsav

In the year 2016 Tripuri Purnima is on Monday, 14.11.2016
Important things about Tripuri Purnima -
(1) Kartika Shukla Purnima is known as Tripuri Purnima.
(2) Lord Shiva killed the demon named Tripurasur on Kartik Shukla Purnima that's why this Purnima is called Tripuri Purnima.
(3) It is considered fruitful to have a bath in the river Ganga or in any other holy river or in Pushkar Sarowar on Tripuri Purnima.
(4) Deepdaan, Yagya, Upasana, Hom atc. are also considered very fruitful.
(5) On Kartika Shukla Purnima if the Moon is in Kritika Nakshatra the sun is in Vishakha Nakshatra , it is known as Padmak Yog which is considered very auspicious.
(6) On this Purnima If Moon and Jupiter are in Kritika Nakshatra, it is called 'Mahapurnima'.
(7) Shivaa, Preeti, Sambhuti, Anusuiya and Kshmaa are the mothers of Swami Kaartikey. Worshiping and praying to these six Kritikas is considered very fruitful and auspicious.
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