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Sunday, November 9, 2014

(7.2.25) Ghagh Ki Kahavaten (Page- Third)

Kavi Ghagh Ki Kahavaten

The following kahavaten of Ghagh are related to health :-

1. Gaay duhe, bin chhane laavai, garamaa garam turant chadhaavai.
    Badhe bal aur buddhi bhaai, Ghaagh kahe sachchi batlaai.

    गाय दुहै, बिन छानै लावै, गरमा गरम तुरंत चढ़ावै।
    बढे बल और बुद्धि भाई, घाघ कहे  सच्ची बतलाई।

Meaning in English - Milk the cow and drink the milk immediately without sieving it. The poet Ghagh says that it increases physical strength as well as intelligence i.e. the person becomes physically and mentally strong.

2. Chaite gud Baisaakhe tel, jethe panth, Aashaadhe bel.
    Saawan saag na Bhaado Dahee,Kwaar karelaa na Kaatik Mahee.
    Agahan Jeera poose dhanaa, Maaghee mishree Phaagun chanaa.
    Ye baarah jo dey bachaay, vahi ghar baid  kabo na jaay.

    चैते  गुड़  बैसाखे तेल, जेठे पन्थ अषाढ़े बेल।
     सावन साग न भादो दही, क्वार करेला न कातिक  मही।
     अगहन जीरा पूसे धना, माघे मिश्री फागुन चना।
     ये बारह जो देय  बचाय, वही घर बैद  कबौं  न जाय।

Meaning in English -  If a person avoids or does not use-
Jaggery (गुड़ ) in the month of Chaitra,
Oil in the month of Vaisaakh,
Undertaking journey in the Sun of the month of Jyeshth,
Bel or Bael in Aashaadh,
Green vegetable in Shrawan,
Curds in Bhaadrapad,
Karela (A kind of bitter vegetable) in Aashvin,
Matthaa (whey) in Kaartik,
Cummin seed (Jeera) in Maarg Sheersh,
Coriander (Dhaniya) in Paush,
Sugar candy (Mishri) in Maagh,
Gram in Phaalgun.

The poet says that by avoid these things in the month shown above, one can remain healthy and there will be no need to consult the physician for him.
Ghagh Ki Kahavaten - Page - First , Page - Second , Page - Third 
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