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Saturday, November 22, 2014

(8.3.9) Sundarkand / Benefits of reading Sundarkand

Importance of reading or reciting Sundarkand
Sundarkand is one of the seven Kands (parts) of the Ramcharitmanas written by the great poet and saint Tulsidas. Sundarkand begins with the departure of monkey god Hanumanji for Lanka in search of Sita.Hanumanji was a faithful devotee of Lord .Ram. He crossed the ocean and overcame all the difficulties he faced on the way to Lanka by the blessings of Lord Ram and came back with the news that Sita was in Lanka in the custody of the demon king Ravan.
The reading or reciting of the Sundarkand is considered very fruitful. The following are some of the benefits of Sundarkand -
(1) Recitation of Sundarkand keeps away the evils from life and gives mental peace and prosperity.
(2) The person who reads Sundarkand, his wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Hanumanji. He is remains safe from unseen dangers and he is cured from illnesses.
(3) The person who reads or listens to the Sundarkand, is benefited with all the things which are good and auspicious and he is able to cross the ocean of life.
(4) The recitation of Sundarkand removes the uneasiness of the person and helps him achieving mental peace.
(5) It increases the self confidence and will power.
(6) The recitation or reading Sundarkand removes the adverse and bad effects which are caused by Dhaiya or Sadhesaati of Shanidev.
(7) The Sundarkand ends with Doha 60 in which it is mentioned that " The recital of virtues of shree Ram bestows all blessings. Those who reverently hear them, cross the ocean of mundane existence without any bark. 
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