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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

(13.2.12) Shiva Swarodaya

Shiva Swarodaya is a scripture on the Swar Vigyan or the science of breathing. This text is in the form of a dialogue or a conversation between Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. This scripture has 395 Shlokas.
In the first and the second Shlok goddess Parvati says -
"Dev-dev Mahadeva kripaakritvaa mamopari.
Sarva siddhikaram gyaanam kathayasva mam prabho.
Katham braahmaandamutpannam, katham vaa parivaratate.
Katham vileeyate, dev vad brahmaand nirnayah."
Goddess Parvati says to Lord Shiva, " O Mahaadev kindly disclose or tell me the knowledge which gives or reveals all the Siddhis (accomplishments)".
Then she asks the following questions to Lord Shiva - 
"How was this universe  created?"
"How do changes take place in this universe ?"
"How does the final destruction of this universe take place?"
Then Lord Shiva answers these questions in detail. 
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