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Saturday, January 31, 2015

(10.5.7) Amavasya dates 2016 - 2017 -2018

Amavasya dates in the year 2017 - 2018 / When is Amavasya in 2017-2018

Here under is given the list showing the dates of falling Amavasya Tithi for holy bath and donation, Pitri Kaarya and Dev Kaarya -

Amavasya dates in 2017 / When is Amavasya in 2017? - 
> Friday , 27.01.2017, Hindu month  - Magh (Dev Karya/ Pitri Karya)
> Sunday , 26.02.2017, Hindu month  - Phalgun (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Monday , 27.03.2017, Hindu month  - Chaitra ( Pitri kaarya )
> Tuesday, 28.03.2017, Hindu month - Chaitra ( Dev kaarye )
> Wednesday , 26.04.2017, Hindu month  - Vaisakh (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Thursday , 25.05.2017, Hindu month  - Jyeshth ( Devkarya/Pitri Kaarya )
> Friday , 23.06.2017, Hindu month  - Aasadh (Pitri Karya)
> Saturday , 24.06.2017, Hindu month  - Aasadh (Dev Karya)
> Sunday , 22.07.2017, Hindu month  - Shravan (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Monday , 21.08.2017, Hindu month  - Bhadrapad (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Tuesday , 19.09.2017, Hindu month  - Aashvin (Pitri Karya)
> Wednesday , 20.09.2017, Hindu month  - Aashvin (Dev Karya)
> Thursday , 19.10.2017, Hindu month  - Kartik (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Saturday , 18.11.2017, Hindu month  - Margshirsh (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Sunday, 17.12.2017, Hindu month - Paush (Pitri Karya)
> Monday, 18.12.2017, Hindu month - Paush (Dev Karya)
Amavasya Dates in 2018 / When is Amavasya in the year 2018 ?
> Tuesday, 16.01.2018, Hindu month Magh (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Thursday , 15.02.2017, Hindu month  - Phalgun (Dev Karya / Pitri Karya)
> Saturday , 17.03.2018, Hindu month  - Chaitra ( Dev Karya /Pitri kaarya )
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Friday, January 30, 2015

(10.3.69) Jaya Ekadashi 2017

When is Jaya Ekadashi 2017
Magh Shukla  Ekadashi is known as Jaya  Ekadashi.
In the year 2017 Jaya Ekadashi is on Tuesday 07.02.2017.
For all other Ekadashi Vrat Dates Click Here
Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi :-
(1) The person who wants to observe Jaya Ekadashi fast should get up early in the morning on Dashami Tithi, a day before Ekadashi. He should take a bath and perform his daily routine. He should have a single meal on Dashami Tithi.
(2) On Ekadashi, no meal is taken. (But if the health does not permit, one should take some fruits and milk.) In the night the Vrati should hear the religious discourses or read religious books.
(3) On Dwadashi Tithi, the Vrati should break the Vrat after feeding the Brahmins and giving them some Dan.
Importance of Jaya Ekadashi Vrat:- 
Observing the fast on Indira Ekadashi washes away the sins of the Vrati. He comes out of the troubles as a result of this Vrat.
Jaya Ekadashi Vrat story - Once in the Indra's assembly a young man Maalyavaan and a young woman named Pushpavati showed rude behaviour . Seeing their immodesty, Indra got angry and cursed them to become devils. They observed the Vrat on Jaya Ekadashi and got rid of their devilish form.

'' wishes you and your family a very happy Jaya Ekadashi.
"May this Jaya Ekadashi fulfill your wishes and bring you joy, peace and prosperity!"
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

(14.3.12) Hindu Symbols/Religious Hindu Symbols

The following is the list of Hindu symbols which have religious as well as spiritual importance -
1. Lotus.
2. Om.
3. Swastik.
4. Tilak.
5. Trishul ( Trident ).
6. Shankh ( Conch ).
7. Ling.
8. Rudraksh.
9. Deepak.
10. Shri.
11. Cow.
12. Veena.
13. Peacock Feathers.
14. Bhashma ( Holy ash ).
15. Kamadal.
16. Dhwaja. ( A flag ).
17. Dharm chakra.
18. Chandra.
19. Sury.
20. Mala.
Each Hindu symbol has a different meaning and is used at different occasions.

(6.2.22) Adhik Maas - Religious important of Adhik Maas

Significance of Adhik Maas 

Regarding Adhik Mass, the Hindu scriptures say that Adhik Mass has special religious importance.
Lord Vishnu Himself gave the name Purushottam Maas to this month. He also said that whatever good deeds, selfless actions, donations, Jap , Tap, Vrat, upvas etc. done during this Purushottam month, certainly produce good results.
Observance of the fast during Adhik Maas washes away the sins of the Vratis. During Adhik Maas Vishnu puja, recitation of Srimad Bhagwat Puran and Bhagwat Geeta also considered fruitful.
Whatever religious activities are done during Purushottam Maas should be done without having the desire of worldly gains, only then they bring fruitful results.
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(7.1.8) Qualities of a good friend

The following qualities of a good fried have been taken from Ramcharitmanas -  
1. A man should regard his mountain - like trouble as of no more account than a mere gain of sand, while the troubles of a friend should appear to him like mount Sumeru though really they may be as trifling as a grain of sand. 
2. One would incur great sin by the very sight of those who are not distressed to see the distress of a friend.
3. A friend should restrain his companion from the evil path and lead him on the path of virtue, he should proclaim the latter's good points and screen his faults.
4. A true friend should give and take things without any scruple and serve his friend's interests to the best of his ability and finding him in distress, love him a hundred times more than ever.
5. The person who contrives to speak bland words to your face and harms you behind your back and harbours some evil design in his heart, and whose mind is as tortuous as the movements of a snake, is an unworthy friend and one had better bid good bye to such a friend.
From Ramcharit Manas, Kiskindha Kaand '
Chopai 1 to 4. Page 512 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(10.5.6) Jayanti/Birthday of great persons ln 2017 - 2018

Here under is given the list of the Jayanti/ Birthday of the great persons/ Saitns / religious personalities celebrated in the year 2017 - 2018

Jayanti / Birthday in 2017
> 05.01.2017, Thursday - Gurugovind singh Jayanti.
> 12.01.2017,  Thursday - Vivekanand Jayanti.
> 19.01.2017, Thursday - Ramanandacharya Jayanti.
> 23.01.2017, Monday - Subhaschand Bos Jayanti.
> 28.01.2017, Saturday - Lalalajpat Ray Jayanti.
> 10.02.2017, Friday - Ramcharan Jayanti.
> 10.02.2017, Friday - Ravidas Jayanti.
> 21.02.2017, Tuesday, Dayannad Sarswati Jayanti
> 28.02.2017, Tuesday, Swami Ramkrishna Param Hash Jayanti.
> 12.03.2017, Sunday, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti.
> 14.03.2017, Tuesday, Sant Tukaram Jayanti.
> 21.03.2017, Tuesday, Rishbhdev Jayanti.
> 29.03.2017, Wednesday, Jhulelal Jayanti.
> 14.04.2017, Friday,  Bhimrav Ambedhkar Jayanti.
> 05.04.2017, wednesday - Swaminarayan Jayanti.
> 09.04.2017, Sunday, - Mahaveer Jayanti.
> 22.04.2017, Saturday - Vallabhacharya Jayanti.
> 07.05.2017, Sunday - Taigore Jayanti.
> 28.04.2017, Friday - Prashuram Jayanti.
> 30.04.2017, Sunday - Ramanujacharya Jayanti.
> 30.04.2017, Sunday - Aadhyashankaracharya Jayanti.
> 30.04.2017, Sunday - (Sant) Surdah Jayanti.
> 12.05.2017, Friday - Narad Jayanti.
> 28.05.2017, Sunday - Maharana Pratap Jayanti.
> 09.06.2017 Friday - Kabir Jayanti.
> 23.07.2017, Sunday -  Tilak and Chandrashekhar azad Jayanti.
> 30.07.2017, Sunday - Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti.
> 29.08.2017, Tuesday - Dadhichi Jayanti.
> 31.08.2017, Thursday - Baba Ramdev Jayanti.
> 21.09.2017, Thursday - Agrasen Jayanti.
> 02.10.2017, Monday - Mahatma Gandi Jayanti.
> 02.10.2017, Monday - Lal Bhadur Shashtri Jayanti.
> 05.10.2017, Thursday - Valmiki Jayanti.
> 17.10.2017, Tuesday - Dhanvantri Jayanti.
> 31.10.2017, Tuesday - Sardar Patel Jayanti.
> 14.11.2017, Tuesday - Pandit Javahar Lal Nehru Jayanti.
> 04.11.2017, Saturday - Gurunanak Dev Jayanti.
> 04.11.2017, Saturday - Nimbkrkacharya Jayanti.
> 03.12.2017, Sunday - Dattatrya Jayanti.
> 12.12.2017, Tuesday, Parshvanath Jayanti.
Jayanti / Birthday in 2018
> 12.01.2018,  Friday - Vivekanand Jayanti.
> 23.01.2018, Tuesday - Subhaschand Bos Jayanti.
> 28.01.2018, Saunday - Lalalajpat Ray Jayanti.
> 31.01.2018, Wednesday - Ravidas Jayanti.
> 10.02.2018, Saturday, Dayannad Sarswati Jayanti
> 17.02.2018, Saturday, Swami Ramkrishna Param Hansh Jayanti.
> 01.03.2018, Thursday, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti.
> 03.03.2018, Saturday, Sant Tukaram Jayanti.
> 09.03.2018, Friday, Rishbhdev Jayanti.

(10.5.5) Masik Shivratri Vrat Dates in 2017- 2018

What is Masilk Shivratri / Masik Shivratri dates in 2017 - 2018

Masik Shivratri means the monthly night of Lord Shiva. Every Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Pakash in every month, is known as Masik Shivratri or Maas Shivratri. Thus there are twelve Masik Shivratri in a year. The Chaturdashi Tithi which comes in the Krishna Pakash of Phalgun month, is known as Mahashivratri.
It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased with the persons who observe fast and do Puja of Lord Shiva on this Tithi. Here under are given the dates when the Masik Shivratri is in the year 2016 - 2017

Masik Shivratri Dates in 2017 
> 26.01.2017 Thursday - Hindu Month - Magh
> 24.02.2017 Friday - Hindu Month - Phalgun (Maha Shivratri)
> 26.03.2017 Sunday - Hindu Month - Chaitra
> 24.04.2017 Monday - Hindu Month - Vaisakh
> 24.05.2017 Wednesday - Hindu Month - Jyeshth
> 22.06.2017 Thursday - Hindu Month - Aashadh
> 21.07.2017 Friday - Hindu Month - Shrawan
> 20.08.2017 Sunday - Hindu Month - Bhadrapad
> 18.09.2017 Monday - Hindu Month - Ashvin
> 18.10.2017 Wednesday - Hindu Month - Kartik
> 16.11.2017 Thursday - Hindu Month - Margshirsh
> 16.12.2017 Saturday - Hindu Month - Paush
Masik Shivratri Dates in 2018
> 15.01.2018 Monday - Hindu Month - Magh
> 13.02.2018 Tuesday - Hindu Month - Phalgun
> 15.03.2018 Thursday - Hindu Month - Chaitra

(8.2.29) Gayatri Mantra Jap Process

How is Gayatri Mantra chanted ? What is the process of Gayatri Mantra Jap ? Gayatri Mantra Jap Vidhi / Gayatri Mantra Jap ki Vidhi Kya Hai ? 

Gayari Mantra is a revered Mantra for the Hindu community. This Mantra is considered very powerful. If Gayatri Mantra is recited with proper method and with correct pronunciation, it can help enhancing wisdom, spiritual growth and intelligence. Gayatri Mantra is a prayer also.
Simple process of Gayatri Mantra Jap -
After getting fresh from he daily routine, sit on a piece of cloth made of wool or carpet made of kusha ( a kind of grass ) in a comfortable posture with erect spinal cord, facing east in a separate room or at any suitable place. Keep a picture of Gayatri in front of you. Then close your eyes and medidate on Devi Gayatri feeling that Devi Gayatri is sitting in front of you, she is sitting on the red colored lotus flower. She has a red colored rosary in her hand, she is wearing red clothes. She is studying the Rigved. Swan is her vehicle. Lord Braha worships her . She is known as Ved Mata. She has the power to fulfill the desires of the person who has full faith in her. I bow to that mother, I bow to Devi Gayatri.
After this meditation and feeling, repeat or chant the following Mantra at least 324 times ( three Malas), or 540 times ( five Malas). The more Jap you do, the better it is. While reciting or doing Jap, your lips and tongue should move but the volume of your voice should be so low that even the people sitting beside you would not be able to hear it.
The Mantra is -
Om Bhoorbhuvah Svah tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayaat.
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्स वितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात।
When the Mantra Jap is over, do not leave the place of Puja immediately. After the Mantra Jap, sit very quietly, close your eyes and reflect on the infinitive love of goddess Gayatri. Have a felling in your mind that goddess gayatri is pouring her blessings upon you. She is fulfilling your wishes. She is leading you to the right path in the right direction.
After it, fold your hands and pay your respects to goddess Gayatri and leave the place of Puja and commence your routine duties.      

Monday, January 19, 2015

(5.2.30) Holika Dahan Muhurat 2017

Holika Dahan time / Holika Dahan Muhurat / Muhurat for Holika Dahan 2017

When is Holika Dahan in 2017
Holika Dahan is done on the Pradosh Vyapini Purnima in the month of Phalgun but Bhadra must not prevail during that time.
In the year 2017 Holika Dahan is on Sunday, 12 March 2017. On this day Bhadra period is up to 08:21 a.m. and Purnima is Pradosh Vyapini. 
Holika Dahan will be observed in the  -
Godhuli Vela- From 18:41 to 18:53
Shubh + Amrit Chaughdiya from 18:41 to 21:07.
What do the scriptures say about Holika Dahan time -
1. Holika Dahan is observed during the Pradosh Kaal on the Bhadra Rahit ( without Bhadra ) Pradosh vyapini Purnima ( the Purnima Tithi prevailing during Pradosh Kaal )in the month of Phalgun.
2. According to the Dharam Sindhu. If Bhadra is prevailing during Pradosh Kaal but Bhadra kaal ends before nisheeth ( mid night ), then Holika Dahan should be performed after the end of the Bhadra kaal and before the mid night.
But if Bhadra kaal is not over till mid night and Purnima is not prevailing the next day during the Pradosh kaal, then Holika Dahan should be observed during the Pradosh kaal on the first day during Bhadra Puchchha.
3. According to the Vratraj if on the previous day , Purnima Tithi is not prevailing during the Pradosh kaal, in that case Holika dahan should be done during the Puchchh of Bhadra.
4. According to Lalah - All the auspicious or inauspicious work are done during Bhadra puchch. But if Bhadra puchchh comes after mid night then Holika dahan should be done during the Pradosh Kaal.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

(14.3.11) Descent of Ganga

How Ganga came down to the Earth

Once the king named Sagar Performed the Ashvamedh Yagyo. ( In this Yagya a horse is allowed to roam at its will and which ever the territory it covers becomes the property of the king who performs this yagya. The person who stops the horse has to fight against the army of the king who performs this yagya.)
The king allowed ( Let loose ) a horse to roam at its will. One day Indra, the king of gods, stole the horse and tied it near Kapil Muni where he was sitting in deep Tapasya. The king Sagar's 60000 sons went in search of the horse. They found it tied near Kpil Muni. They mistook Kapil Muni for the thief and accused him of stealing the thief. Kapil Muni got angry at this false accusation and burned all the 60000 sons to ashes.
Then the king Sagar sent his another son Anshuman to search for his 60000 brothers, while searching for then he went to the Ashram of Kapil Muni and came to know what had happed to them. So he requesed Kapil Muni to tell him the way or means through which his brother could get salvation. At the sage Kapil Muni was pleased with Anushuman and told him that the waters of the Ganga could release the souls of all the sixty thousand sons of Sagar. At his advice Anshuman did Tapasya but could not get success in bringing the Ganga down to the earth from heaven.
At last the king Bhagirath, the son of Dilip, did Tapasya and got success in bringing down Ganga to the earth. Bhagirath led the way and the river Ganga followed. At last it reached the place where the ashes of sixty thousand princes lay. The water of the Ganga touched the ashes and as a result, their souls were liberated.
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

(13.1.13) Yagyopavit ( Important things about Yagyopavit )

1. What is Yagyopavit -
A yagyopavit is a holy thread to which the Hindus wear. The other name for Yagyopavit is ' Jeneo '. This sacred thread reminds the person to lead his life with purity in his thoughts, words and deeds. The Yogyopavit has three strands which reprsent the three debts. These three debts are Guru Rin, Pitra Rin and Dev Rin.
2. The length of a Yogyopavit -
The length of the Janeo is generally 96 times the breadth of four fingers of a person  which is believed to be equal to his height.
3. When to change the Janeo - The Janeo or the Yagyopavit must be changed time to time. Usually it should be changed -
A. After four months.
B. After the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
C. After attending the funeral.
D. In Janm and maran shouch ( i.e. when there is a birth of a child in the family or when some one dies in the family).
4. Taking off the Janeo - While taking off the Janeo the following mantra should be chanted -
'Om Etaavadin Paryantam Brahmatvam dhaaritam mayaa.
Jeeram twaat tatparityaag gachchh sootra yathaa sukham.'
Then the discarded Janeo should be immersed into the river or the pond.
5. How to wear Janeo - The Yogyopavit is worn on the left shoulder and under the right arm. While wearing the Janeo, Gayatri mantra should be chanted at least 108 times.
6.What to do while answering the call of nature -
The part of the body about the navel is considered pure and the part of the body below the navel is considered impure. So the Janeo should be worn on the right ear while going for urination and the Janeo should be worn on both the ears while going for defecation.
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

(10.5.4) Satyanarayan Vrat dates 2017 -2018

Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Dates in 2017 -2018

What is the benefits of Satyanarayan Vrat
According to the Hindus scriptures Shri Satyanarayan Vrat is considered as fruitful. This Vrat is observed to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu,. The persons, who observe this Vrat, their worldly desires are fulfilled by the grace of Lord Vishnu. This Vrat is observed every month and Katha related to this Vrat is heard and told .   Here under are given the day and dates of falling Purnima in 2017-2018 -
Satyanarayan  Vrat dates in 2017
11.01.2017, Wednesday - Hindu month Paush
10.02.2017, Friday - Hindu month Magh
12.03.2017, Sunday - Hindu month Phalgun
10.04.2017, Monday - Hindu month Chaitra
10.05.2017, Wednesday - Hindu month Vaisakh
08.06.2017, Thursday - Hindu month Jyeshth
08.07.2017, Saturday - Hindu month Aashadh
07.08.2017, Monday - Hindu month Shrawan
05.09.2017, Tuesday - Hindu month Bhdrapad
05.10.2017, Thursday - Hindu month Ashvin
03.11.2017, Friday - Hindu month Kartik
03.12.2017, Sunday - Hindu month Margshirsh
Satyanarayan  Vrat dates in 2018
01.01.2018, Monday - Hindu month Paush
31.01.2018, Wednesday - Hindu month Magh
01.03.2018, Thursday - Hindu month Phalgun
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