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Saturday, January 10, 2015

(13.1.13) Yagyopavit ( Important things about Yagyopavit )

1. What is Yagyopavit -
A yagyopavit is a holy thread to which the Hindus wear. The other name for Yagyopavit is ' Jeneo '. This sacred thread reminds the person to lead his life with purity in his thoughts, words and deeds. The Yogyopavit has three strands which reprsent the three debts. These three debts are Guru Rin, Pitra Rin and Dev Rin.
2. The length of a Yogyopavit -
The length of the Janeo is generally 96 times the breadth of four fingers of a person  which is believed to be equal to his height.
3. When to change the Janeo - The Janeo or the Yagyopavit must be changed time to time. Usually it should be changed -
A. After four months.
B. After the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
C. After attending the funeral.
D. In Janm and maran shouch ( i.e. when there is a birth of a child in the family or when some one dies in the family).
4. Taking off the Janeo - While taking off the Janeo the following mantra should be chanted -
'Om Etaavadin Paryantam Brahmatvam dhaaritam mayaa.
Jeeram twaat tatparityaag gachchh sootra yathaa sukham.'
Then the discarded Janeo should be immersed into the river or the pond.
5. How to wear Janeo - The Yogyopavit is worn on the left shoulder and under the right arm. While wearing the Janeo, Gayatri mantra should be chanted at least 108 times.
6.What to do while answering the call of nature -
The part of the body about the navel is considered pure and the part of the body below the navel is considered impure. So the Janeo should be worn on the right ear while going for urination and the Janeo should be worn on both the ears while going for defecation.
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