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Sunday, January 25, 2015

(7.1.8) Qualities of a good friend

The following qualities of a good fried have been taken from Ramcharitmanas -  
1. A man should regard his mountain - like trouble as of no more account than a mere gain of sand, while the troubles of a friend should appear to him like mount Sumeru though really they may be as trifling as a grain of sand. 
2. One would incur great sin by the very sight of those who are not distressed to see the distress of a friend.
3. A friend should restrain his companion from the evil path and lead him on the path of virtue, he should proclaim the latter's good points and screen his faults.
4. A true friend should give and take things without any scruple and serve his friend's interests to the best of his ability and finding him in distress, love him a hundred times more than ever.
5. The person who contrives to speak bland words to your face and harms you behind your back and harbours some evil design in his heart, and whose mind is as tortuous as the movements of a snake, is an unworthy friend and one had better bid good bye to such a friend.
From Ramcharit Manas, Kiskindha Kaand '
Chopai 1 to 4. Page 512 

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