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Thursday, February 26, 2015

(10.2.5) Khatu Shyamji Fair 2017 - 2018

Khatu Shyam Mela / Khatu Shyam Fair 2017- 2018

When is Khatu Shyam ji fair in the year 2017 -
In the year 2017 Khatu Shyam ji fair is going to  be held from 05.03.2017. 
When is Khatu Shyamji Fair in the year 2018 ?
In the year 2018 Khatu Shyamji Fair is going to be held from 17.02.2018 to 27.02.2018
Important things about Khatu Shyamji Fair - 
> Khatu Shyamji is about 48 Kms from Sikar, the district headquarter in Rajasthan.
> During the fair, the three days from Phalgun Shukla Dashami to Dwadashi are considered the important days.
> Through out the year people come here to have the blessings of Shyamji but at time of the fair a large number of people come here to have the Darshan and worship Shyamji with the hope that by doing so their troubles would be removed they would be able to lead a happy and prosperous life..
> By the joint efforts of the Mandir committee and the district administration a guide book is published which has the description of the arrangements that have been made by the committee and the administration for the people who come to attend the fair.
> Distribution of Prasad is also done by the Mandir trust.
> In Pakistan there are three temples in three cities. These three cities are Hydrabad, Karanchi and Pasani. On Phalgun Shukla Ekadashi the fair will be held at these three places.

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