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Monday, March 9, 2015

(10.2.6) Kaila Devi Fair / Kailadevi Mela 2017

Kaila Devi Fair / Kaila Devi Mela 

When is Kailadevi Fair 
 Kaila Devi fair is held in March - April every year..
Important Things about Kaila Devi and the fair - 
1. Kailadevi is believed to be the incarnation of goddess Durga.
2. The temple of Kailadevi was built by the king Bhompal. The temple is situated about 25 km. away from Kaurali.
3. In the temple there are two statues . One of them is of Kailadevi and the other is of Chamunda devi.
4. A fair which is known as the Kaila Devi fair, is held in the month of Chaitra every year. People around Kaurali and from other parts of north India to have the Darshan of Kaila Devi and worship her.

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