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Monday, March 9, 2015

(10.2.7) Karani Mata Fair 2017/ The temple of rats

Karanimata temple - The temple of rats/ When is Karani Mata Fair held?

When is Karani Mata fair  held -
Karnimata fair is held twice a year during both the Navratras i.e. in the month of Chaitra and in the month of Ashvin.
Important things about Karni Mata fair and the temple - 
1. Karanimata fair is held at Deshnok in Bikaner district in Rajasthan.
2. Karani Mata fair is held in the memory and honor of Karani Mata  who is regarded as the goddess of power.
3. The people of Charan community are the followers of Karani Mata and they regard her as their patron deity. Besides Charans, the people of Rajput community also come here and worship her.
4. The priests of the goddess perform the Mangal Aarti of the goddess early in the morning.
5. One thing that attracts and may look peculiar to the visitors is the presence of the rats in the temple complex.
6. The rats run here and there  freely without any fear. So the Karani Mata temple is popularly known as the temple of rats.
7. These rats are considered divine. It is also believed that these rats have the blessings of goddess Karni so the visitors tries their best not to harm them in any way.
8. People consider it an auspicious omen if they happen to see any white colored rat in the temple. 

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