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Monday, March 30, 2015

(10.6.2) Satyanarayan Vrat

Satyanarayan Vrat process / Important things about Satyanarayan Vrat process 

When is Satyanaryan vrat  observed
Usually Satyanarayan vrat is observed on Purnima Tithi.
(Click here for Satyanarayan Vrat dates) 
Important things about the Vrat process-
Satyanarayan is the Lord of truth. He is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. The Hindus observe Satanarayan Vrat to get the blessing of Lord Vishnu.
1. On the day of Vrat a wooden plank is placed in a clean room.
2. An idol or a picture of Lord Satyanarayan is put on the plank. Near the plank a Kalash is placed.
3. Ghee Deepak is lighted.
4. Then Puja is performed with due process.
5. The stories related to Lord Satyanarayan are read out by the pandit and the vratis listaned to them with great faith.
6. After the Puja and the telling of the stories, the Aarti is performed.
7. After the Aarti, the prasadis distributed among the devotees.
8. Donation is made according the capacity of the vrati.
9. Then the Vratis break their fast by eating Satwik food.
"May Lord Satyanarayan bless you with every think that you wish !"
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