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Sunday, March 1, 2015

(13.1.14) Holi Festival - Rituals, Traditions , Customs

Holi festival - Customs, Traditions, Rituals

The ferstival of Holi marks the end of the cold winter season and the begninning of the spring season.
The following are the customs, traditions and rituals  which related to the festival of Holi -
1. Dhundh / Dhoondh -
The custom of Dhundh is popular among the Hindu community in Rajasthan and some adjoing parts. This custom is observed on the day of Holi or two or three days before Holi. It is meant for the children who are less than twelve months old. The child is dressed in now clothes and is seated in the lap of his / her mother or any other relative. The pandit or the priest chants some holy mantras. It is believed that it saves the child from any evils.
2. Holika dahan -
In the evening a fire is lit. A huge pile of fuel is heaped in an open area. This pile consists of logs of twigs and cow dung cakes etc. At the fixed time ( in the proper muhurat ) a Brahaman chants mantras and sets fire to the pile.
3. Dhulendi - Next day of Holi the people throw coloured water on one another. They go about in groups with coloured water in a pot and throw it on others. Some of them have gulal and abir in some small bags. They apply these things on the faces of their friends and relatives. They make a lot of noise and exchange jokes. Some groups of singers and dancers can also be seen going from one locality to the another. This goes on till mid day.
4. Ram - Ram of Holi - In the evening people have a bath, wear new clothes and go to the houses to their friends and relatives as a token of their affectionate relations. It is done to forget the old grudges and quarrels.

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