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Monday, March 2, 2015

(13.1.16) Holi - Dhulandi / Dhulendi

Dhulandi - A custom related to Holi 

When is Dhulandi celebrated -
On the next day of Holi, Dhulandi is celebrated.
Important things about Dhulandi -
1. The next day of the festival of Holi is known as Dhulandi.
2. Dhulandi falls on Chaitra Krishna Pratipada.
3. This is the day of joy and merry making.
4. People throw coloured water on one another. They also smear each other's faces with gulal or red powder.
5. Some groups of people can be seen who sing and dance and go from one locality to another.
6. Usually the throwing of coluored water continues   till mid day.
7. In the afternoon people wash their coluored faces and hands and take bath.
8. They wear new cloths and go to the houses of their friends and relatives and greet each other. The elders bless the children.
9. Dhulandi fastens the love, affection and brotherhood. On this day the feeling of untouchability, high or low is forgotten.
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