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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

(13.1.18) Tips for safe Holi

Safety tips for celebrating Holi
Holi is a festival of joy and merry making. It is also the festival of colors, noisy mirth, rough practical jokes and loud singing and dancing. But due to some unpleasant things or actions the joy of the festival turns into unhappiness. To avoid untoward incidents, keep the following tips in mind -
What to do -
> Use herbal or natural colors.
> Mix the turmeric powder and Besan and you can use it as dry yellow color to smear it on the faces of your friends.
> Mix red sandal powder in water and let it turn  into paste form.
> Use the colors of good quality if natural colors are not available.
> Apply oil on your hair.
> Smear some oil, preferably coconut oil, on your body, particularly on your face and on the uncovered parts of your body.
>   If you have skin allergy, avoid using colors.
> Use antiseptic cream to avoid any harm to your body.
> Apply nail polish on your nails.
> While removing the color from your body, use the mixture of curds, besan and turmeric powder.
What not to do -
> Do not use chemical colors.
> Do not smear color forcibly.
> Do not throw dirty water at others.
> Do not use foul language.

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