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Sunday, March 15, 2015

(13.1.19) Benefits of Satyanarayan Vrat- Puja

Satyanarayan vrat / Inportance of Satyanarayan Vrat and Puja

Satyanarayan is one of the forms of lord Vishnu.In this form He is the Lord of truth who establishes truth in this world. Lord Vishnu is also known as the preserver of the universe. Whenever evil forces become dominant, Lord Vishnu incarnates in some form or the other and destroys the evil forces and restores peace, truth and Dharm on this earth. The Hindus worship Him with full faith and observe Vrat. For Satyanarayan Vrat  Ekadashi or Purnima Tithis are considered auspicious.
The following are the benefits of observing Satyanarayan Vrat and doing Puja -
> One can get blessings of Lord Vishnu by observing Satyanarayan Vrat.
> This Vrat fulfills the desires of the Vrati.
> This Vrat brings happiness and prosperityin the family.
> This Vrat and Puja removes miseries.
> The persons who listen to the Vrat stories with full faith and devotion, their desires are fulfilled.
> One becomes free from poverty by observing this Vrat.
> The Vrati enjoys everything that is possible on this earth and after his / her death he / she goes to the Satyalok.
> The Vrati gets all the pleasures of the world and attains his / her goal.
> The Vrati is relieved of his / her sufferings and sorrows. He gets wealth and wisdom and is blessed with good children.
> In short it can be said that the person who observes Satyanarayan fast with full faith and devotion and recites the prayers of Satyanarayan and listens to the Vrat stories, his / her wishes are fulfilled. By the grace of Lord Satyanarayan he / she goes to the Satyalok and finally comes out of the circle of birth and death.
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