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Monday, March 23, 2015

(14.9.3) Narayan Kavach / Benefits of Reciting Narayan Kavach

Narayan Kavach / Why to recite Narayan Kavach/ Benefits of Narayan Kavach

Narayan Kavach means the armour of Lord Natayan. It is a prayer in the form of a Kavach (an armour) for the protection of oneself.
This Narayan Kavach appears in the sixth Skand of the eighth chapter of Shree Madabhaagavad. The first three shlokas ( verses ) of this Narayan Kavach are introductory shlokas. In these shlokas the king Parikshit asks, " Kindly tell me the Narayan Kavach through which Indra drove away the soldiers of his enemy and was able to get victory in the battle field. "
At this Shree Shukhdev says, " When the gods appointed Vishvaroop their priest then Vishnu roop taught Indra, the Narayan Kavach. "
Benefits of reciting Narayan Kavach - 
The following are the benefits of reciting Narayan Kavach -
1. This Narayan Kavach protects the person from enemies if he recites it with full faith and devotion.
2. The person who reads Narayan Kavach is protected from all the dangers.
3. In the shlok 36 it is said that if the wearer of this armour ( in other words the person who recites this Narayan Kavach ) sees any one with his eyes or touches him with his feet, that person is immediately free from all kinds of fears.
4. In the shlok 37 of Narayan Kavach, it is said that the person who reads this Kavach, has no fear from the king, the robbers, the evil spirits and wild animals.
5. In the shlok 41, it is said that the person who reads this Narayan Kavach or even listens to it, all the beings respectfully bow down before him and he is free from all kinds of fears.
6. In the shlok 42, it is said that Indra learnt this knowledge from Aacharya Vishvaroop and Won the Asurs in the battle field and enjoyed Trailokya Lakshmi i.e. the wealth of the three worlds.
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