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Saturday, April 18, 2015

(13.1.21) Panchamrit ( How is Panchamrit Prepared )

What is Panchamrit -
The word Panchamrit is the combination of the words ' Panch ' which means five and ' Amrit ' which means nectar. Thus Panchamrit is a mixture of five things. These five things are - Milk of a cow, Curds, Ghee, Sugar and Honey.
How is Panchamrit Prepared - 
Panchamrit is made of five things
1. Milk of a cow
2. Curds ( made from cow milk )
3. Ghee ( made from cow milk )
4. Sugar
5. Honey
According to the requirement of the occasion, the above mentioned five things are mixed usually in equal proportion or in quantity but it is not always necessary to take all the things in equal quantity. Any of them may be more or less in quantity.
Use and importance of Panchamrit - 
> Panchamrit is used for the worship of the gods.
> It is also used for the Abhishek.
> For any kind of worship.

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