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Friday, April 3, 2015

(14.2.8)Sankat Mochan Hanumanashtak

Benefits of Sankat Mochan Hanumanashtak संकटमोचन हनुमानाष्टक 

Important things about Sankat Mochan  Hanumanashtak -
1. Sankat Mochan Hanumanashtak is a prayer in praise of Hanuman ji. It has eight verses.
2. The great poet Tulsidas composed this prayer.
3. It is written in Mattagayand Chhand.
4. In every verse there is a description of the great deeds done by Hanuma ji. In the eight verse god Hanuman ji is addressed as brave and great Lord. He has been reminded of his great and difficult deeds which he has done for gods at different times. Then he (Hanumanji) has been requested to dispel or eradicate or remove the troubles and crisis which are being faced by us because he(Hanumanji) is known as the remover of the obstacles.
Benefits of reciting or reading Hanumanashtak -
 Hanuman is the most popular god among the Hindus. Almost in every village, town or city in India, one can find the temple of god Hanuman. Hanuman is one of the incarnation of Lord Shiva He took this Avtaar to help Ram. Hanuman ji known as the remover of the obstacles. So people pray him to help them and remove their troubles or dangers known or unknown. If this Hanumanashtak is read or recited with full faith and devotion, the person can have the following benefits -
1. It takes out the person from any kind of danger.
2. It helps one in overcoming the obstacles and troubles.
3. One can hope to defeat the enemy.
4.One can avoid the theft incidents.
5. It removes the bad effects of the planets, particularly of Shanidev.
6. Helps in winning court cases.
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